List of National & Festival Holidays for 2017

List of National & Festival Holidays for 2017

This holiday list shows the grant of national and regional festival holidays to persons employed in industrial establishments in every state of India. Each state has its own minimum number of holidays to be granted in a calendar year, as per the corresponding state government rules.


Tamil Nadu 2017 Karnataka 2017
Maharashtra 2017 Madhya Pradesh 2017
Odisha 2017 Rajasthan 2017
Andhra Pradesh 2017 Telangana 2017
West Bengal 2017 Kerala 2017
Gujarat 2017 Goa 2017
Chattisgarh 2017 Bihar 2017
Puducherry 2017 Manipur 2017
Himachal Pradesh 2017 Jammu & Kashmir 2017
Jharkhand 2017 Chandigarh 2017
Delhi 2017  


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