Amendment of the Tamil Nadu Factories Rules, 1950

The Government of Tamil Nadu has amended the Tamil Nadu Factories Rules, 1950, with the following changes:

  1. Compliances can be now done online by submitting relevant forms as per the rule such as:

    • Approval Of Site

    • Construction Or Extension Of A Factory

    • Registration And Grant Of Licence

    • Renewal Of Registration

    • Amendment Of Licence

    • Annual Returns

    • Half Yearly Returns

  2. The registration and renewal of the factory license, can now be made for ten years contrary to the earlier tenure of five years.

  3. Annual Return Form 22 has been amended with relevant changes.


The Government of Tamil Nadu is making considerable changes to ease the compliance process by making it digital to save time and cost.

The above amendments are available on the online portal of the Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health.

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