EPFO Circular on Auto-Settlement of online forms

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization vide its circular NDC/13/(12) 2019/ Auto settlement/29 dated 17.01.2020 has introduced auto settlement (partial) of Form 31(Illness) through EPFO application software at RO-Delhi (South), RO-Delhi (West), RO-Gurgaon, RO-Bandra, RO-Khandivali, RO-Thane, RO, Karnal and RO-Pune.

The claims will be processed from 8.00 pm to 8.00 am by the system and system will validate the claims received online (Form 31) and filter for auto processing.

In order to facilitate the claims processing and enabling the approving authorities with an insight in relation to a claim and thereby supporting them to take due caution while dealing with such claims based on such observation system will pre-validate Form-19, 10C, 31, 20, 5(IF) on certain parameters.

The pre-validation will be implemented in the remaining offices in due course by the EPFO after the pilot results.

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