ESIC Registration of an Employee within 10 days of the date of appointment by Employer

The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation vide its circular P-11/12Misc./SST Misuse/2019-Rev.II dated 13.01.2020 directed RO/SRO to issue necessary order of date of appointment for submission of necessary documents by Employer and visit / inspection by SSO/ Branch Manager is not necessary. 

In case of late registration RO/SRO will verify the records submitted by employer and issue an order regarding acceptance or rejection of the date of appointment of each employee. 

Therefore, in all cases, the date of appointment shall not be prior to the 1st day of the previous contribution period. 

The employer can submit the documents to concerned RO/SRO through email, post messenger. 

In this case, employers fail to submit the necessary documents for the verification of appointment date of employee within stipulated time period the date of registration of employee will be deemed as date of appointment and no modification allowed later on.

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